Creating a template for microsoft word

This is something I keep forgetting, and I make them every now and then to document my code or some other reason like user questionnaires.

To do this in word after you have designed your document on how you want it to look, and create placeholder text as you see fit you need to convert this placeholder text to fields.

To do this select your placeholder text and press CTRL+F9, however this isn’t enough if you select all and press Shift +F9 you will notice your placeholder test vanishes.

To accomplish this add “MACROBUTTON NoMacro” before your placeholder text, select all once all placeholders are made using CTRL+A and press SHIFTF9 to hide the field placeholders and save as a .dot or a .dotx file according to your own preference.

1) Create your document how you want it to look to the user
2) Select placeholder text and press CTRL+F
3) Add “MACROBUTTON NoMacro” before your placeholder text
4) Once all placeholders are done press CTRL+A and then SHIFT+F9 to hide the macro code
5) Save as a .dotx or a .dot file extension
6) Open / Reuse / Send / do what you require


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